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Ignite Your Spark with Phyre.

Phyre 4 Hire is the creative venture of Phyn Scott. Based in Reno, NV, he wants to help you use technology and design to reach customers, clients, and followers.


"I think there's a market for most ventures. With information available at our fingertips the challenge is finding your audience. Having great graphic design and user experience will help you connect with those potential customers on the web, and continue to build rapport with your current ones."

-Phyn Scott

Creative Experience

With over seven years' experience in customer service, five in freelance web design, and three editing and reproducing designs for T-shirts, Phyre 4 Hire has the skills to help you bring your digital identity into the 21st century.

Over the years, Phyre 4 Hire has formed relationships with designers of various specialties and is happy to set you up with an affiliate when you need specialized assistance! In addition, Phyn is always striving to learn more to help you. He is currently exploring User Experience and animation. His curiosity has spread into Video Game Devleopment and Virtual/Augmented Reality, especially User Interface, but he has not found an opportunity to explore these interests yet.

Phyn also loves music! He is a singer and enjoys experimenting with various instruments. He is currently digging into sound design and FM synthesis. He has an amateur home studio where he records and sequences whatever sounds like fun today.

 Phyn's thoughts on...

Graphic Design

"I love iconic logo design. Logos that stand out as flat icons have a high impact on the user's recall for the brand. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a detailed version for larger implementation, but a solid base will give you more versatility when using your logo in different scenarios."

Web Design

"It's all about the screens! You want your site to give your clients what they need, when they need it. My goal is to help you take advantage of the tools available to drive customers and followers to you. This comes through clean, responsive design and learning how to make search engines work for you."


"Music is ingrained in my being. My family is full of musicians and music teachers so I have felt the pull of the rhythm my entire life. I am a singer, and over the past several years, I have also operated an amateur studio out of my home, mostly experimental meandering through digital sequencing, sound design, and recording."

Ignite Your Spark

"You love what you do. Your followers love what you do. I love helping people like you connect with more people like them. So let's get together and turn your spark into a blazing Phyre!"


Digital Bits - My Work

Please take a look at some of my latest and favorite past projects below.

NYS Outdoor Adventures website
Fundraiser flyer
Packaging Design - Merchandise

ABOVE: Info Presentation

This site and the examples above focus on create clean, attractive space to share information with your followers. They are professional and geared toward their users.

BELOW: Graphic Design

These are a few examples from past digital and print design projects I worked on. This collection includes some of my favorite logos, icons, and T-shirts. It's even got a wordle!

T-shirt mockup design for Fast Food Restaurant
Family Cruise T-shirt Design
Benefit Walk T-shirt Design
Punisher/Zoideberg Parody T-shirt Design
Logo - Based on Redrawn Wooden Sign
Phyre 4 Hire graphic logo
An Agricultural Logo/Icon
Badge Logo for a Professional's Website


Phyneus "Phyre" Scott is a graphic designer with experience preparing designs for custom apparel and business items, web design, and music performance and recording. He earned a college degree at Ball State University while exploring live music, web design, and html. Phyn works out of his home in Reno, Nevada.

He is at his best with time to brainstorm ideas, learn new skills, and get a little feedback. Quality comes from refinement. At its worst this manifests as a continuous reach for perfection, but at its best the result of the collaboration between client and designer is great, engaging content. Phyn believes great customer service and reliability are the foundation of developing strong client relationships.


Please contact Phyre 4 Hire for a consultation. We will discuss the project to determine your wants and needs. The product, its depth, and your budget factor into the schedule and charges which are calculated as an hourly rate, but will not exceed your initial quote unless otherwise agreed upon.

In most cases, the time charged on your invoice is less than the time spent on it, but of course if your project takes less time than quoted your invoice will reflect that change.

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